Product Recall Management and Support

Managing Your Product Recalls Effectively
and Efficiently

Looking for a partner who has the depth and breadth of services and experiences to support you when you are faced with a product recall? Look no further. Recall Results provides extensive product recall management and support. We can assist from initial notification through retrieval and fulfillment.

Product Recall Services

We offer a full menu of product recall services that you can use comprehensively or select from a la carte as your situation dictates. Our experience and service includes:

Project management

  • Scoping the magnitude of the recall
  • Determining corrective action
  • Creating timetables
  • Developing notification, fulfillment and service strategy

Product recall communication and notification

  • Sending out electronic or direct mail notifications to supply chain partners, consumers and retailers
  • Creating online sites for consumer registrations

Claims administration and tracking

  • Capturing, verifying, processing claims forms
  • Preparing government mandated reports
  • Fulfilling notice requirements

Product recovery, reclamation and fulfillment services

  • Retrieving and storing affected products or component parts
  • Verifying products or parts
  • Fulfilling replacement products or component parts

Check issuance and funds management

  • Processing of payments through independent funds management team
  • Tracking and reporting on all claim activities

Data management and reporting services

  • Capturing and storing all source data in a secure database
  • Tracking and logging all consumer contact
  • Providing standard and custom reporting

Facing a Potential Recall?

We can help!